usługi transportowe podkarpacie

Quick diagnosis

A competent team of mechanics.

Transsped company dealing with forwarding and international transport, has its own, modern and professionally equipped truck service. We provide services to external entities in the field of comprehensive diagnostics and repair of trucks and vas of almost all brands.

Transsped services includes:

  • warranty repairs,
  • computer diagnostics of Volvo, Renault, DAF, Scania trucks,
  • olis and consumables change,
  • comprehensive repairs of truck and semi-trailers break systems,
  • comprehensive suspension repairs,
  • replacement of the clutch assembly.

In addition, we provide sales and replacement services for tires and batteries. In our service You can also use our truck wash.

You can check every vehicel in our Regional Vehicle Control Station.

We invite owners of trucks and vans to
yourself with the full offer of our transport company.