magazynowanie w rzeszowie

Warehousing in Rzeszów.

Distribution warehouses

Since 2013 Transsped has been dealing not only with forwarding and international transport, but also with warehousing and logistics. Currently, the total warehouse space is 7980 m², it consist of 7 boxes of 1140 m² each. We are constantly working on increasing this space as well as on the other locations of our warehouses.

Our customers use the gates or loading docks :

  • gates 2.5 x 4 m,
  • 3 hydraulic loading docks with a sealing sluice and a 2.5 x 3 m gate for each module with an space of 1140 m²,
  • loading docks with movable ramps.

Warehouses in Rzeszów are operated by experienced and competent employees who, with the help of specialized equipment provide the quality of our services. They are supported by a 24/7 complex monitoring and security.

Great location

The Transsped warehouse is located in Malawa, in the Krasne commune, 5 km from the center of Rzeszów– near the A4 motorway and Polish-Ukrainian border in Korczowa, through which goods are often transported to Eastern Europe and beyond. From Malawa we also have easy access to the Rzeszów- Jasionka airport.

Distribution warehouses

Detailed warehouse specification

magazynowanie w rzeszowie

Standard: A class

magazynowanie w rzeszowie

Security: 24/7

magazynowanie w rzeszowie

Technical specyfication: pole grid- 26 x 24m, skylights and smore vents.

magazynowanie w rzeszowie

Total space: 10540 m², for rent now 1 module: 1140 m²

magazynowanie w rzeszowie

Module space: 1140 m² (clean module without pillars ), 3 hydraulic loading docks, horizontal gate „0”- 2.5 x 4 m

Transsped- a gurantee of professionalism

Warehousing offer in Rzeszów

Transsped offers the following services:

  • cross-docking,
  • transshipment,
  • short and long term storage,
  • oversized storage,
  • pallet distribution,
  • high storage racks rental,
  • supply chain service,

If You are interested in using Transsped warehousing and logistics services or in free warehouse spece, please contact us by phone or via the form below. We also encourage you to use transport and forwarding services as well as truck and van service.

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