Transport and spedition

Transsped offers its clients fully professional transport and spedition services supported by a highly advanced IT system. The company has an extensive fleet of vehicles to transport goods as well as qualified and experienced staff.

Transsped supports the transport of full loads throughout Poland and the European Union, particularly on the routes from Poland to Italy, United Kingdom and Germany.

We offer international transport and spedition services to:

  • clients interested in one off basis transportation requests,
  • clients interested in regular transportation and spedition services (contract-based, fixed prices guaranteed),
  • big logistics companies (as a subcontractor).

Transsped also transports mixed cargo.

Our fleet

Transsped offers transport and spedition services using its own fleet of 80 trucks and 60 vehicles owned by contracted carriers. We do not use unreliable transportation and spedition services.

We own the most modern Euro 6/Euro 5 trucks and certified trailers with lifting roof enabling the loading process to be more flexible.

Our trucks are not older than three years.

Transsped has a strong position on the spedition and transport market due to the following:

  • guaranteed quality of services,
  • the prompt completion of work,
  • comprehensiveness,
  • ability to deal with various problems,
  • professionalism.

Transsped confirms that perfection is the best way to attract and keep customers

If you are looking for an experienced transport and spedition company, do not hesitate to contact us.

We strongly encourage to check our available warehouse capacity or truck maintenance services.

Transsped: Warehouse capacity available