Storage and logistics

Since 2013 Transsped has been not only an international transport and spedition company, but also it has been a storage and logistics one. In the same year the company created modern warehouses – four segments 1,140 m² each. Their total warehouse area is 4560 square meters. These warehouses are located by the main A4 Karczowa – Ukraine transport route.

The warehouses are handled by experienced and competent employees, who, with the help of specialized equipment to ensure to quality services, care about our shipments. Also, our employees are supported by reliable security systems.

Transsped offers the following services:

  • cross-docking,
  • wherehouse handling,
  • long and short-term storage,
  • over dimensional storage,
  • palette distribution,
  • high storage racks rental,
  • handling various supply chains.

Available ramps or loading docks:

  • one ramp 3 × 3 m,
  • two hydraulic loading docks with locks and ramps of 2.5 x 3 meters per unit (1,140 m² each),
  • loading docks with movable ramps,

In May, 2016 we will finish the expansion of our warehouse centre. It’s total area will be 3420 square meters, with an additional office space. It will be available warehouse capacity, which will be used not only for our services, but also for rent.
If you are looking for an experienced transport and spedition company, do not hesitate to contact us.

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